The Charge Tab

The Charge Tab allows you to monitor and control your car's charging process. It let's you manually start or stop charging and it lets you set the charge target (the level to which you want the car to charge). Charging can also be started or stopped on a schedule using the Scheduler Tab

There are quite a few pieces of data in the Charge Tab as shown in the screen shot below. In this example, the car is not connected to a power source.

The following table lists all of the elements and describes what each element represents.

Item Description
Current The amount of current being supplied to the vehicle. If it is a European vehicle, VsibleTesla will check whether the connected power is 3-phase. If it is 3-phase, a ③ will be displayed after the word "Current".
Voltage The voltage being supplied to the vehicle
Charge Rate How many miles of range are being recovered per hour of charging
Time Left/Will Complete Tells you when the current charge cycle will complete. This can display either the amount of time (hours, minutes, and seconds) until the charge is complete, or the time at which the charge will be complete. This is controlled by a Preference setting which can be changed at any time. Note that a value may be displayed even if you are not currently charging. For example, if you plug in your car but have not yet initiated a charge, a Time Leftvalue will be displayed which represents how long a charge would take.
State Description
Stopped The car is connected to a power source, but is not in a charging cycle.
Starting The car is connected to a power source and is beginning a charging cycle.
Charging The car is actively charging.
Complete The car was charging and completed its charge cycle.
Disconnected The car is not connected to a power source
NoPower A charging cycle was in progress, but power was disconnected.
Unknown Your car is either not reporting its charge status or it reported a value that VisibleTesla does not understand.
Pilot Current The amount of current reported to be available from the attached power source
Battery Current The current flowing into the battery (or out if negative)
Supercharger Is the vehicle connected to a supercharger. HPWC does not qualify
Charger Power The power in kW being supplied at the moment the reading was taken
# Range Charges The number of consecutive range charges since the last standard charge. If you range charge three times in a row, this will display '3'. If you perform a Standard charge, it will be reset to 0. This count is not maintained by VisibleTesla. It is maintained by your car. The count is only incremented if your range charge completes. Even if it reaches 99% and you stop the charge, your car will not count this as a complete range charge. VisibleTesla cannot change this behavior.
Battery Level The charge percentage of the battery. Sometimes in cold temperatures, the actual usable battery level is lower than the reported battery level. In this case, two numbers will be shown. The first is the standard reading and the second is the usable battery level. This will also be reflected in the battery gauge as described in the notes below.
Rated Range The car's estimate of remaining range based on a fixed energy consumption in Watt-hours/mile (whpm). The fixed whpm is different for different vehicles (85kWh / 60kWh) and in different markets based on the regulatory test for that vehicle in that market.
  • US: The fixed whpm is based on EPA 5-cycle Standard
  • Europe: The fixed whpm is based on NEDC range in accordance with regulation ECE101
  • Canada: Unknown
Estimated Range The car's predicted remaining range based on energy consumption during recent driving. This is based on a dynamic Watt-hours/mile (whpm) value that is based on recent driving habits. This is not country-specific.
Ideal Range The car's estimate of remaining range based on a fixed energy consumption in Watt-hours/mile (whpm) at a specified average speed. The fixed whpm is a figure determined by Tesla and is not country specific. The average speed is a figure determined by Tesla and is not country specific.


The following screen shot shows the car when connected to a power source but not charging. Note that below the "Charging Data" table there is an indication that the car has a charge scheduled. This refers to the car's charge scheduler, not to the Scheduler Tab.

The final screen shot shows the Tab while charging is in progress.