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My name is Joe Pasqua and I wrote VisibleTesla as a fun side project and as a way to monitor and control my Tesla Model S. This is not a commercial application. It's just something I do as a hobby. I have a real job that occupies the vast majority of my time in front of a computer.

This page provides quick links to all of the resources you'll need to get up and running with VisibleTesla. In the right hand column you'll find links to the documentation. If you're new to VisibleTesla, it's a good idea to take a look at the Getting Started page and the FAQ. Among other things, they give important warnings and disclaimers about the use of this app.

I always like hearing ideas for new features, but can't do everything that is requested. Sometimes a request may not be possible. For example, you can't roll down or roll up your windows. VisibleTesla is based on the same service that your Tesla smartphone app uses and can only perform functions that are available via that service. Some requests may be possible, but I just don't have the time to take on.


VisibleTesla got its start based on the interests and exploration of the community at the Tesla Motors Club (TMC). It's a great resource to discuss and learn about all things Tesla. There is a thread within the TMC forums that is dedicated to the discussion of VisibleTesla. It's quite lengthy (over 1100 posts as of 5/2014), but you can always look through the latest posts to see what's going on and to ask questions of me and the community. Just click here to get to the newest posts.

VisibleTesla is an open source software project that is hosted on github. It relies on another project, TeslaClient, by the same author which can also be found on github.

Get Started!

The Getting Started page tells you how to download, install, and run VisibleTesla.


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