VisibleTesla Release Notes

VisibleTesla 0.26.03 [04-26-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.26.02 [04-19-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.26.01 [04-12-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.26.00 [03-14-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.25.07 [02-23-2014] - EXPERIMENTAL

VisibleTesla 0.25.06 [02-22-2014] - EXPERIMENTAL

VisibleTesla 0.25.05 [02-08-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.25.04 [01-26-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.25.03 [01-18-2014]

VisibleTesla 0.25.02 [01-01-14]

VisibleTesla 0.25.01 [12-24-13] - EXPERIMENTAL

VisibleTesla 0.25.00 [12-16-13] - EXPERIMENTAL

VisibleTesla 0.24.00 [11-28-13]

VisibleTesla 0.23.00 [11-22-13]

VisibleTesla 0.22.01 [11-16-13]

Experimental : This version has a lot of changes to the preferences code and a number of other places. Thank you to the adventurous of you who try this version out. I will remove the experimental label once I get enough feedback to let me know that this release is working. Otherwise I'll make the required fixes and the next version won't be marked as experimental. Note that one of the new features in this version is that the auto-update mechanism can look for and either ignore or offer experimental versions based on your preferences.

VisibleTesla 0.22.00 [11-15-13]

VisibleTesla 0.21.02 [11-09-13]

Special Notice: This version changes the folder in which VisibleTesla stores its data files by default. If you are using VisibleTesla for the first time, you can ignore this. For existing users, please note that the stats file and the cookies file will be moved from within the app folder to a location within your user folder. See below for details. The best way to have a smooth transition is to follow these steps:

  1. You must manually copy these files from your previous version of VisibleTesla to the newly installed version just as you have always had to do. This is the last time you'll need to do that.
  2. Start VisibleTesla, let it load completely, then quit and restart it. Technically this is not necessary, but it is somewhat safer to do so.

VisibleTesla 0.21.01 [10-31-13]

VisibleTesla 0.21.00 [10-27-13]

VisibleTesla 0.20.01 [10-05-13]

VisibleTesla 0.20.00 [2013-09-22]

VisibleTesla 0.19.04 [2013-09-15]

VisibleTesla 0.19.03 [2013-09-13]

VisibleTesla 0.19.02 [2013-09-06]

VisibleTesla 0.19 [2013-09-02]

VisibleTesla 0.18

VisibleTesla 0.17c

VisibleTesla 0.16

VisibleTesla 0.15

VisibleTesla 0.14

VisibleTesla 0.13

VisibleTesla 0.12

VisibleTesla 0.11